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What Kids Learn From Their Fathers

| January 10, 2014


Parents are the individuals that mold their children into the adults they will be in the future. A child learns different qualities, lessons and behavior from each of these individual. They carry these elements with them for eternity, and use them to advance through life. The upbringing that a father provides for his children will have a large impact on the character that those children will have. The following are the most important elements that children learn from this person:

Relationship Management

Both boys and girls learn certain behaviors from their father. A female child usually develops attraction to men that resemble her father in some type of way. Therefore, a father who is constantly demeaning, cheating or abusing the mother will teach his daughter to accept such behavior in her adult life. It is very important for the father in the family to implement respectful and honorable behavior toward women and people in general.

A boy learns how to take care of a family from his father. He also learns how to treat women and how to provide financially for his children. A father is the hunter and the shelterer within a home. A boy learns most of his values from this person. Therefore, showing consistent strength, courage and resilience is paramount to the proper development of a male child.


All children learn persistence from their fathers. Fathers teach them to remain strong in the midst of crisis, opposition and adversity. A strong father figure will continue to carry on when the family experiences financial difficulty, loss of family members, breakups, illness and other issues. This person will teach his children to never lose hope, and to be the most respectable people that they could possibly be.


In a two family home, the father is usually the disciplinarian. He is the person who makes the rules and incorporates the consequences for breaking such rules. Children learn how to be respectful of the law and authority figures from their fathers. For this reason, some male children of single-parent homes become involved with breaking the law and disregarding authority in school or on jobs. This is not meant to claim that single mothers cannot discipline their children. However, children sometimes need to hear a man’s strength and intimidating voice to stay in line.

Athletic Stress Release

A large majority of men handle their stress by getting involved in sports, video games or music. By watching how their fathers react to life stressors, children learn to engage in these activities when they are feeling challenged. Fathers who practice healthy stress relief practices will teach their children to do the same.

Honoring thy Mother

One of the most precious lessons that fathers teach their children is to honor their mother. These role models teach their children early on that disrespecting and defying their mother is a cardinal sin. Male children will learn to support their mothers in times of trial and tribulation, while female children will learn their value to society as women.

A real father is much more than a person who helped to create a child. He is the strength and the heart behind a person. He is the force that drives that person to succeed in every aspect of life. All children should learn as much as they can from their fathers, and appreciate the people that they are.

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