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10 Things Great Dads Do

| September 25, 2013

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While many may believe there is no such thing as a perfect father, there are things that great dads do that have a positive impact on the lives of their children, in turn setting them up to be great parents themselves.

Ten Things Great Dads Do

1. They have a vision for what values they want their kids to grow up with. Having this vision helps to solidify it through their carefully thought out setting of boundaries and expectations.

2. They approach their kids with a hug, kiss or praise for no reason at all. Often dads can wait for kids to do something good to show affection or praise. This interaction out of the blue helps to show your child you acknowledge their achievements no matter how big or small, and love them simply for being who they are.

3. They see mistakes as a teaching tool and will cease the opportunity to grab the teachable moment without anger. He does not need to roar to get his message across. The great dad also knows the importance of laughing with his kids as well as sharing in their disappointments.

4. A great dad is open minded with his children. He understands that things change and even encourages his children to question.

5. A great dad follows through on his promises and is reliable to the core. He understands that his number one job on this earth is to be there for his kids.

6. He tries to understand where his kids sit developmentally and does not hold unrealistic expectations of his children. He is patient and mindful of his reactions when things go wrong and is not ruffled by spilt milk… most days.

7. He understands the power he holds as a role model. He is wary of his behaviour in front of the children and understand to successfully impart knowledge, it is best to live what you teach.

8. Great dads are involved in the traditional mum stuff. While he may run at the nappy change, he makes a conscious effort to take an active role in many aspects of his young children’s lives.

9. They are that safe place to fall and have worked out the delicate balance between softness and firmness. Men can mistakenly find themselves thinking they need to be seen as tough and firm to have an impact on kids, when in fact, too much toughness or firmness can cause children to steer clear and only interact when necessary.

10. They show undeniable respect to the mother of their children. Even if not together, when presented with opportunities to show respect to their child’s mother, they do so. They know this makes children feel more secure and that all is right in their small world, encouraging them to feel whole.

Great dads of the word I salute you. Anyone can be a father, but to be a great dad is to be your child’s biggest fan, and the most influential male in their young lives.

Written by: Danielle Mantakoul.
Creator of the “Early Years Toolbox” and “Ready Set School” talks, Danielle’s humour and child impersonations always leave her audience wanting more. Those who have seen her claim “she gets it”. Danielle’s new passion lies at http://www.mummyweekly.com.au where she writes articles that aim to not only teach parents vital parenting skills, but to also make them laugh a little along the way.

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