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3 Reasons Why Little Boys Need Their Father

| July 29, 2013

There is not substitution for a Father in the life of a little boy.

For the purposes of this article, it does not matter whether the Father is Biological, Step, or Adopted. What matters is if you are present.

They learn the definition of manhood. The first 5 years of a boy’s life are very formative. In these first few years boys will learn what it being a boy means, and by extension, what manhood looks like. They will begin behaving like they see their Father’s behave. We are living in a day when boys have no idea what it means to be a “man”. Perhaps this is because we are living in a day in which Father’s are absent from their children’s lives in ever-increasing numbers. Single mothers should strive to expose their young boys to as many steady masculine influences as possible. Examples of this may be Grandparents, Uncles, Brothers and men in her local church congregation.

They learn how to treat women. Boys will often treat their wives in the same way as they saw their Father’s treat their Mothers. This applies to both good and bad examples. Fathers need to model commitment, decency and chivalry to their sons. Dad’s must be very careful to show the proper treatment of women and always demand such behavior from their sons.

They learn to have self-confidence. Fathers have a great ability to build confidence and strength into their sons. When a little boy gets hurt or has a struggle, the Dad has a great opportunity to teach them how to approach life’s difficulties like a man. As their boys watch them handle the difficulties of life, they will begin to emulate the same behavior in their own little lives. Have you ever watched a little boy walk and act like his Dad? They learn these lessons early in life. There is no substitute for the education give to a little boy by his Father.

If you are a Father who has not been taking his role seriously, let me urge you to reconsider that approach today! You must realize how much those little boys living in your home look up to you. They are watching, and they will one day act out what they are seeing. Think about the example you are leaving for them.

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