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Advice For First-Time Dads

| January 30, 2013

The moment your first child is born, a wave of pride will hit you; however, with the excitement of becoming a new Dad comes and unending stream of questions.

No one can be fully prepared for all the surprises that fatherhood entails, and no two Dads handle parenting the same way. You may have nine months of preparation, or you may get thrown into parenting unexpectedly — no matter what your circumstances are, every new father can benefit from a few tips.

1. Be an active Dad from the start.
Your work begins as soon as you learn that a baby is on the way! Preparing a nursery, getting furniture, and baby proofing the house will keep you busy. You will want to get any home renovations done well before the baby arrives to reduce the stress level once your baby comes home. This includes any necessary painting and wallpapering. Friends and family may have advice to offer, but make sure you take the lead and get everything accomplished on schedule.

2. Support your partner in child birthing classes.
These classes will help you know what to expect during the delivery of your first baby. In addition to being there to support your baby’s mother, you will have the opportunity to learn how to care for a newborn. The instructor will likely go through routine chores like feeding, bathing, swaddling, and changing diapers. Pay attention and practice with the dolls provided in class.

3. Put in some face time with your partner’s doctor.
The tradition of men driving their pregnant wives to doctor’s appointments and then waiting idly in the car is antiquated – you will want to attend as many of these checkups as possible. Ask questions and be supportive. This is your opportunity to get all your questions answered by a professional.

4. Anticipate many sleepless nights.
Bonding with you baby will begin from the very first time you comfort your distressed child back to sleep. Take your turn rocking the baby, changing diapers, and feeding the newborn whenever possible. If your partner is breast-feeding, make her a hot cup of tea or snack to show your support. If the baby takes a bottle, let your partner get some rest as you take charge of the nighttime feedings. Your partner will appreciate your willingness to share some of the burdens associated with caring for a newborn.

5. Don’t shy away from conflict.
Newborns can be fussy, but fight the urge to pass your child along to another adult when he or she gets upset. Your support early on will develop a strong bond and let your child know that you will always be there. Strike a balance between play and discipline to establish yourself as a well-rounded parent. Father-child time is important, so make time for walks and outings to be as active as possible in your child’s life.

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