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Fathers Are a Unique Gift to their Families

| June 21, 2013

Fathers receive mixed messages from society about their role in the family. TV shows and movies seem to portray fathers in one of three ways. They are emotionally distant workaholics who spend little time with their family. They are overbearing authoritarians, handing out harsh discipline when their kids get out of line. Or, they are clueless bumblers who mean well but can’t accomplish anything.

Of course, the truth is that most fathers don’t really fit into any of these categories. Most fathers are hard-working men who love their families. They discipline their children appropriately, out of love and a desire for their kids to grow up right. They are smart, capable guys who, along with their wives, run the family.

All the conflicting and negative messages about fatherhood can be depressing for dads. Some elements of society even question whether fathers are necessary. Certainly, many single moms do a great job raising kids on their own. (So do many single dads, for that matter.)

It may be controversial to say this, but kids are best served by having a father in their home. Even the best single moms can’t give the male perspective on life. Parenting works best as a partnership between a mother and a father. When either of those people is not around, it makes parenting a much tougher job. Most single parents admit that their jobs would be easier if they had a caring partner to share parenting responsibilities.

Fathers who are active in their sons’ lives show their boys what it means to be a man. Fathers can pass along the strength and stability that their sons will need to have successful careers and families when they reach adulthood. Fathers can show their sons that you don’t need to be aggressive to solve every problem. They can show their sons how to really love a woman. Fathers can validate that their boys have what they need to be real men.

Fathers who show their love for their daughters give them a gift. Girls who know their dads cherish them grow up knowing they are valuable. That can free girls from having to measure up to society’s standards for female beauty. Fathers teach girls that they are more than their physical beauty, that they are smart, passionate creations with something to offer the world. Fathers teach their girls how a man should treat a woman, and not to settle for a man who doesn’t respect her completely.

Fathers who cherish their wives build a stable, loving home for his entire family. Fathers who love their wives will receive that love back from wives who feel supported and appreciated. The love and caring that develops between two a mom and a dad forms the framework around which successful families are built. It also becomes a model for future generations to follow.

So dads, don’t worry about the messages that society throws your way. We can’t be molded by TV, movies, and the internet. Our families need us to be committed, loving parents to our kids, and caring, supportive companions for our wives. They deserve nothing less!

Richard Jarman is the husband of one terrific wife and father of three great children. He and his wife publish Wholehearted Parents, a free e-mail newsletter for parents. The newsletter features short articles on subjects that parents care about, and news about toy safety and other parental concerns. Subscribe today and receive a FREE report, “The Right Way to Discipline a Child,” by going to http://wholeheartedparents.com/Newsletter.html

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